Hojas de Baile

Fresh (Music: Fresh by Kool And The Gang)

Publicado el 30 Ee octubre Ee 2018 a las 19:30

Count: 32 Wall: 0 Level: Easy Newcomer

Choreographer: Raymond Sarlemijn and Darren Bailey – January 2018

Music: Fresh - Kool And The Gang

Grape vine right, together, 2 swivels right

1 RF right

2 LF back RF


4 LF close RF

5 both heels right

6 Both heels back

7 Both heels right

8 Both heels back

Section 2 is the same as section one only to the left

Step touch, step touch step touch, step touch

1 RF step dioganal right

2 LF touch RF

3 LF step dioganal left

4 RF touch LF

5 RF step dioganal right

6 LF touch RF

7 LF step dioganal left

8 RF touch lF

8x walks ¾ turn right

1-8 start walking RF end towards - 9:00

Start again

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