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Stilbaai Charleston (Music: TechnoBand by Swing City)

Publicado el 8 Ee noviembre Ee 2017 a las 4:05

Count: 32 Wall: 4 Level: High Beginner

Choreographer: Alison Dixon, South Africa, May 2017

Music: TechnoBand by Swing City

Intro: 16 counts - No Tags Or Restarts

Charleston step, R shuffle forward, ¼ pivot cross

1-4 Touch right forward, step back, touch left back, step forward

5&6 Step forward, together, forward

7&8 ¼ pivot, cross

Rumba box, back strut, back strut, coaster step

1&2 Side(R), together, forward

3&4Side(L), together, back

5 & Right strut back

6 & Left strut back

7&8 Right back, together, forward

Point touch point, behind side across, point touch point, behind turn step

1&2 Point L side, touch, point side

3&4 L behind, side, across

5&6 Point R side, touch, side

7&8 Behind, ¼ turn Left, step

Forward rock, ¼ turn (L) shuffle, R strut, L strut, R strut, L strut

1-2 Rock forward on left, recover on right

3&4 ¼ turn left, side, close, side

5 & Right strut

6& Left strut

7& Right strut

8& Left strut

Ending- end of wall 9

¼ turn back to front

“Boom”- big finish

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