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The Fighter (Music: The Fighter by Keith Urban)

Publicado el 27 Ee agosto Ee 2016 a las 4:20

Count: 32 Wall: 4 Level: Intermediate

Choreographer: Niels Poulsen (dk), Raymond Sarlemijn (no), Roy Verdonk ( nl ) May 2016

Music: The Fighter - Keith Urban



Intro : 16 counts after beat kicks in (approximately 14 seconds into song)


Tag And Restart: in wall 6 , change count 16 into: Rf touch next to Lf making 1/4 turn left on ball of Lf


Step/Touch In Diagonal (2X), Sway R/L, Kick/Ball/Cross

1-2Rf step forward on right diagonal, Lf touch next to Rf

3-4Lf step forward on left diagonal, Rf touch next to Lf

5-6Rf step right swaying hips to right, sway hips to left

7&8Rf kick forward on right diagonal, Rf step together ( & ), Lf cross in front of Rf


Step Side, Hold, Ball, Shuffle R, Rock Back L /Recover R, Kick/Ball/Cross

1-2&Rf step right, hold, step together on ball of Lf

3&4Rf step right, Lf step together ( & ), Rf step right

5-6Lf rock back, recover onto Rf

7&8Lf kick forward on left diagonal, Lf step together ( & ), Rf cross in front of Lf*

(*in wall 6 change count 16 into : Rf touch next to Lf making 1/4 turn left )


Make 1/4 Turn L, Step Forward, 1/4 Turn L With Sweep, Cross, Side, Syncopated Weave, Side Step, Touch

1-2make 1/4 turn left stepping Lf forward ( 9.00 ), make 1/4 turn left sweeping Rf from back to front (6.00 )

3-4Rf cross in front of Lf, Lf step left

5&6Rf cross behind Lf, Lf step left ( & ), Rf cross in front of Lf

7-8Lf step left, Rf touch out to right


Side Step, 1/4 Turn L ,Touch , Kick/Ball Rock/Step, Step Forward,1/2 Turn R, Runs (L, R, L )

1-2Rf step right, make1/4 turn left touching Lf forward ( 3.00 )

3&4Lf kick forward, small rock back on Lf(&), recover onto Rf

5-6Lf step forward, make 1/2 turn right stepping Rf forward ( 9.00 )

7&8Lf make small step forward, Rf make small step forward, Lf make small step forward

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