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Sexy Baby (Music: If You Want My Body by Night A Ruxbury)

Publicado el 17 Ee junio Ee 2016 a las 10:25


Count: 32 Wall: 4 Level: Beginner

Choreographer: Raymond & Line Sarlemijn (Feb 10)

Music: If You Want My Body by Night A Ruxbury



2 Kick Ball Cross, Step, ¼ Turn, Cross Suffle

1&2 RF kick ball LF cross (1.30)

3&4 RF kick ball LF cross (1.30)

5,6 RF forward with ¼ turn left, weight end left (10.30)

7&8 RF cross over LF, LF step left, RF cross over


2 Kick Ball Cross, Side With Bump, Side With Bump, Behind Side Cross

1&2 LF kick ball, RF cross (10.30)

3&4 LF kick ball, RF cross (10.30)

5,6 LF left side with hip, weight and hip back to right

7&8 LF behind, RF side, LF cross forward


Walk 4 Counts Turn CW, Step, Touch Fw, Step Bw, Touch Fw

1-4 R-L-R-L, started with R a circle to right  (12.00)

5,6 RF walk forward, LF touch forward

7,8 LF step backward, RF touch backward


Step, Turn, Step, ¼ Turn, Jazz Box

1,2 RF step forward, ½ turn left (6.00)

3,4 RF step forward, ¼ turn left (3.00)

5,6 RF cross forward, LF back

7,8 RF to right side, LF close to RF


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