Hojas de Baile

Oh Suzannah (Music: Oh Suzannah by Southern Culture)

Publicado el 23 Ee junio Ee 2010 a las 18:45

Count: 32

Wall: 4

Level: Improver

Choreographer: Bill Larson & Chris Watson (Aus) Oct ‘07

Music: Oh Suzannah by Southern Culture On The Skids (cowpunk, rockabilly)


Start 32 counts in from start of music – 2nd wall starts with vocals

Roll Left Clap, Roll Right Double Clap

1 Step L to side with 1/4 turn L (9:00)

2 Turning 1/2 L, Step R back (3:00)

3 Turning 1/4 L, Step L to side (12:00)

4 Hold with clap

5 Step R to side with 1/4 turn R (3:00)

6 Turning 1/2 R, Step L back (9:00)

7 Turning 1/4 R, Step R to side (12:00)

8 Hold with double clap

Fwd Touch Back Touch, Side Together Side Turn

1,2 Step L fwd, Touch R beside L with clap

3,4 Step R back, Touch L beside R with clap

5,6 Step L to side, Step / Slide R beside L

7,8 Turning 1/4 L, Step L fwd (9:00), Scuff R fwd

Touch Heel Bounce 3x, Walk /Stomp 1/2 turn L

1,2,3,4 Touch R foot fwd, Tap / Bounce R heel 3x (wgt on L) Bending fwd, slap R hand side to side across R knee 4x

5,6,7,8 Turning 1/2 L in a small semi circle Step / Stomp R L R L with hand claps (3:00)

Shuffle Shuffle, Step Pivot Step Touch

1&2 Shuffle fwd: Stepping R L R

3&4 Shuffle fwd: Stepping L R L

5,6 Step R fwd, Pivot 1/2 turn L (9:00 weight on L)

7,8 Step R fwd, Touch L beside R

Begin again.

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