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Hard As Nails (Music: Tough by Kellie Pickler)

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Count: 32 Wall: 2 Level: Improver

Choreographer: Stephen Rutter & Claire Butterworth (UK) Dec 2012

Music: ‘Tough’ by Kellie Pickler. CD: 100 Proof (102 bpm) (Country)

16 count intro

Section 1: Forward, Clap x 2, Forward, Clap x 2, Forward Mambo, Coaster Step

1 & 2Step right forward. Clap twice.

3 & 4Step left forward. Clap Twice.

5 & 6Rock forward on right. Rock back on left. Step right back.

7 & 8Step left back. Step right beside left. Step left forward.


Section 2: Toe & Heel Touches, Vaudeville Steps

1 &Touch right toe to right side. Step right beside left.

2 &Touch left heel forward. Step left beside right.

3 &Touch right heel forward. Step right beside left.

4 &Touch left toe to left side. Step left beside right.

5 & 6Cross right over left. Step left to left side. Touch right heel diagonally forward right.

&Step right beside left.

7 & 8Cross left over right. Step right to right side. Touch left heel diagonally forward left.


Section 3: Ball Cross, Unwind 1/2 Turn, Kick, Out, Out, Back Rock, Side, Sailor 1/4 Turn

& 1Step left beside right. Cross right over left.

2Unwind 1/2 turn left (weight onto left). (6:00)

3 & 4Kick right forward. Step right back and out. Step left back and out.

Note Count 4 ends with feet shoulder width apart.

5 & 6Rock back on right. Recover onto left. Step right to right side.

7 &Cross left behind right. Turn 1/4 left stepping right beside left.

8Step left slightly forward of right. (3:00)


Section 4: Paddle 1/2 Turn, Ball Touch, Hip Bump, Cross Rock, 1/4 Turn, Step, Pivot 1/2, Step

& 1On ball of left turn 1/4 left, touching right toe to right side.

& 2On ball of left turn 1/4 left, touching right toe to right side. (9:00)

& 3Step right beside left. Touch left to left side (weight stays on right).

4Transfer weight onto left, bumping hips left (with attitude!).

5 & 6Cross rock right over left. Recover onto left. Turn 1/4 right stepping right forward.

7 & 8Step left forward. Pivot 1/2 turn right. Step left forward. (6:00)

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